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Meridian's Sales & Use tax practice is designed to help our clients navigate through the complex and varied state and local sales and use tax compliance laws.

We focus on protecting your business from the negative impact of non-compliance, over payments, and State audits. Some of our Sales and Use Tax Consulting Services consist of:

Nexus: Meridian can assist in the analysis of operations to determine which states nexus has been established according to state and local specific laws and regulations. Meridian can then determine whether or not your company is registered and compliant in all taxing jurisdictions that it should be.

Registration: Sales and use tax registrations are mandatory for most businesses, whether you are a sole proprietor or incorporated. Tax registrations may be required in many states before you can even start conducting business. Many business owners find locating these registration applications for their business overwhelming, time consuming, and complicated. Meridian offers research and filing services to meet your specific registration needs. Meridian offers business registration services that include filing and payment of all the tax registration applications required for your specific type and place of business.




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U.S. Sales & Use Tax – The Essentials

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