UAE VAT laws to be established

 Posted by Jennifer Flanagan

 Wednesday 16 August 2017

The UAE Federal Tax Authority plans to issue the 2018 UAE VAT laws and excise laws by the end of September 2017. Saudi Arabia issued its VAT law on 28 July; the window for consultations on its VAT regulations remains open until 19 August.

At the end of July, the UAE issued a new tax law which lays the groundwork its new taxation system, including VAT and excise duty, and sets out the role of the Federal Tax Authority. Qatar’s cabinet approved its draft law on VAT and income tax in May and Kuwait is to follow shortly.

Khalid Al Bustani, director general of the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority, has said the UAE and Saudi Arabia are likely to push ahead with the new tax in January 2018, but other Gulf countries would only follow later in the year. 


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