We offer a unique team of International VAT and ERP systems experts, which have deep experience in understanding how ‘best in class’ companies achieve accurate VAT compliance and efficient processes in their ERP and reporting systems.

If you are looking to achieve ‘best practice’ across your ERP and VAT systems processes, then Meridian is your ideal partner. Our consulting services range from strategic assignments - where we evaluate the best VAT system design, configuration options or third parry interfaces and tax engines - to a deep-dive audit of your existing configuration to identify errors and weaknesses that expose your company to real financial risks.

Given our unique blend of VAT and ERP skills, we use our practical experience to quickly identify your (main) business flows, in order to gain the necessary understanding of the complexity of your global VAT issues. Our ERP system consultants as well as our International VAT consultants are knowledgeable in both areas. This prevents the common communication gaps and ensures an effective communication bridge between your business staff, your VAT staff and your IT staff.


Advice on implementation or upgrade of your ERP system including:

  • VAT process designs
  • VAT processes redesign
  • VAT solutions, benchmarked against best practice used within large international companies
  • Tax engines
  • Procedures that need to be in place to reach the highest level of efficiency and VAT compliance
  • Global strategy for your VAT processes across your business

Depending on your issue(s) or questions we start by first investigating your business:

  • What are your needs
  • What business are you involved in
  • What are your business process flows
  • How are you organised
  • How do you reflect your organisation in your ERP system
  • Which systems do you use and how do they interact
  • How did you configure your ERP system for VAT purposes

Based on this investigation and our experience with many large international clients, we present you with best-practice advice which brings you the right answers to your questions and ensures a solid and robust VAT compliance solution for your business.

Meridian’s tax technology team members are used to operating at steering committee level, partnering with key decision-makers including directors, tax managers and key user stakeholders.