Expenseflo Document Management

With the advent of smart phones and other technology there is an increasing move to ask employee to scan or take a photo of their receipts and attach the image to their claim.  However the fact is that over 80% of employees do not like having to scan their receipts.  It can be very time consuming and therefore a hidden cost.  There are also implications for VAT reclaim - if the employee scans their images the company must be sure they can also locate the original receipt if required by some authorities.  Therefore it can sometimes be a good option to outsource the scanning process. You receive all the advantages of having the scanned images easily accessible without frustrating employees and incurring VAT reclaim risk. 

If the original expense claims are sent to Meridian we can carry out the scanning on behalf of the employee.

The following steps will be taken:

  • Prepare the expense claim for scanning by removing all staples and clips
  • Secure small receipts to an A4 page if necessary
  • Scan the expense claim header sheet and the associated receipts
  • All pages and receipts for each expense claim will then be scanned using our high-speed scanner.
  • A single multi-page image file created for each expense claim.
  • The image will be indexed with the expense report number
  • The image will then be uploaded and will be available for the employee, manager and anyone with authorised access to the account to view.