Expenseflo Reporting


We recognise that one of the key requirements for companies is increased management reporting and visibility.   We offer a comprehensive suite of reports designed to provide detailed analyses of the actual T&E spend and behaviour patterns of the users.  The reports will facilitate intelligent analysis of the end-to-end process and allows companies to target those areas where improvement is required.

For example, the reporting of the queries raised shows management where non-compliance to the travel policy is occurring.  This information can then be used to educate travellers further and where necessary clarify or change the travel policy

Most importantly the reports will also provide management with the information necessary to make decisions in shaping the overall T&E strategy.  T&E spend reduction is a key driver for most companies and this can only be achieved by a full understanding of the current costs.

Expense Flo - Audit


Standard Reports

Some of the standard monthly reports provided are as follows:

  • Volume of Expense Claims Received

This report shows the number of expense claims received for each entity and a summary of the total volumes by entity.   This allows both our clients and us to measure the cyclical volumes.

  • Volume of Expense Claims Released

This report shows the number of expense claims released for payment for each entity and a summary of the total volumes by entity.

  • Process Cycle Time

This KPI report shows the time taken by Meridian to audit the expense claims.  The report provide both a summary of the average time and also the detailed data on every expense claim processed including date of receipt, query creation, query resolution and process completion.  It is a key measure of the success of the Meridian audit. 

  • Queries Report

The queries report highlights, by entity, the types of queries that are sent to the employees.  This is useful for identifying areas of non-compliance and can be used in communications to reinforce areas of the travel policy where there is non-compliance.

  • Rejection Report

This report shows the expense claims that have been rejected and the reason for the rejections.  This report shows the level of non-compliance for each entity and the most common non-compliance reasons.