Arco Gives Complete Control to the Tax Department

The tax manager controls how determination should work

Arco has been built to give as much control as possible to a VAT manager over how determination should work and how the application itself works.

Arco puts control of automated tax determination in the hands of the tax manager

Arco provides a suite of control features as standard. This means that tax specialists can directly control an automated environment for VAT determination in SAP. This provides great flexibility and better use of expert tax resources. It also reduces cost as IT resources are no longer required for system configuration and modifications. Control Modules include:

  • Applications
  • Control tools
  • System control
  • User maintenance
  • Supporting tools

Arco automated tax control

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This module enables the Tax Team to view and control all tax determination applications. These application databases form the rule-set for the Purchasing and Sales & Billing Determination applications. You can also view connections to each of your S/4 HANA instances. 

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The Arco Toolkit includes  API Tracking and Partner Integraton Points. API Tracking is an essential tool for the VAT manager for tracking VAT flows in the implementation and maintenance process. Partner Integration Points enable you to easily link to external pages and resources. Auto Tester enables the VAT team to easily test master data and VAT flows for implementation and updates.

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User Maintenance

User Maintenence enables the tax manager to directly control user access level to Arco.  This includes access levels to the application, platform and application databases. External teams are not needed to setup user profiles and manage processes. 

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Arco Tax Determination Features

BTP Integration
100% Determination
S/4 HANA Certified
Vantage Support
Use Internal Data
Complete Control