Meridian tax determination solutions solve all known limitations and shortcomings concerning VAT determination in SAP

Standard SAP does not contain sufficient logic to automate tax determination for business with complex VAT flows.This exposes a company to tax compliance risk as a result of systemic weaknesses and manual workaround procedures. Meridian tax solutions revolutionize the approach to automated, compliant VAT determination and reporting processes in SAP. All the required functionality integrates with your SAP system, using standard SAP techniques.

Meridian Tax Determination Solutions

Arco is Meridian's new tax determination platform, integrates easily with BTP and extends as your business grows.


BTP application for full SAP VAT determination

Supports SAP S/4HANA on-premises and Cloud instances

Only One application needed for all SAP S/4HANA instances

Comprehensive API tracking and testing toolkit

Fully Certified for SAP S/4HANA

Integrate with SAP Business Technology Platform applications

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The VAT Add-on is an on-premise tax determination solution and is built directly into native SAP.

VAT Add-On

Overcomes all shortcomings in SAP VAT determination

On-premise solution

Block and get notified of non-compliant flows

Full audit trail to understand VAT outcomes

SAP Certified for ECC6 and SAP S/4HANA

Separate application for each SAP instance

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Vantage is Meridian's Service package that ensures your system is always available and meeting business requirements.


Ensure applications are always available and 100% correct

Comprehensive product information hub

Manage configuration and settings

Detailed decision tracking tool

Direct access to technology and VAT experts

Log and track all issues

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Customer Testimonials

Meridian' VAT Add-on enables Biesterfeld to automate the VAT determination process, reducing resource requirements.

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Epson has integrated Meridian’s VAT Add-on application into their SAP ERP, providing a tax automation and business efficiencies.

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Meridian’s VAT Add-on provides Mondi with accurate and reliable VAT determination on complex worldwide sales transactions

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Managing tax codes in SAP can prove to be a challenge over the long term and that's mainly because SAP tax codes are limited to two digits so that would include letters numbers and a few special characters.

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Many multi-national companies operating across the EU make use of the “triangulation simplification”. This removes the burden to VAT register in different Member States into which goods are delivered.

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The European Parliament submitted to the EU Commission its proposed amendments regarding the VAT rules for the Digital Age (ViDA).The most significant change is that the implementation of ViDA to be delayed by up to 24 months.

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