VAT poses some of the most complex tax challenges faced by many multinational businesses.

We have recognised that the expertise we have gained over years of VAT outsourcing can be used on a proactive basis to resolve our client’s problems and help manage their VAT risks.

Our VAT consultancy service is founded on five unique principles

  1. International focus - Unlike many consultancy firms, we are not an amalgamation of individual national experts in individual national practices. Cross-border VAT issues are our core competency and each of our consultants is an international expert.
  2. Multilingual staff - Meridian has invested in its people in order to ensure that we have the necessary capabilities to deal locally with our international clients and VAT offices.
  3. Centralisation of Expertise - Centralisation allows us to gain efficiencies of scale, “cross-fertilise” ideas between consultants and apply tight quality controls much more easily than if we were spread over a large number of localities. However, we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to VAT procedures - we have invested heavily in obtaining international expertise and language skills, so that we can remain focused on the peculiarities of each country’s VAT system.
  4. Practicality - We believe in giving advice that provides practical solutions to our clients’ problems.
  5. Seamless integration with our other service lines - Our consultancy capabilities seamlessly complements our other service offerings which as a total solution provide greater all round benefits to our clients. The closeness to the heart of your business through these other services, help our consultants offer you more practical and focused assistance

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate cost savings and ROI
  • Practical approach geared to maximising VAT savings
  • Transparency of VAT risk areas and advise on best practice
  • VAT risk management
  • Advisors driving the best result for your business
  • Unhindered by audit firms’ independence concerns

We can provide:

  • Specific consultancy on complex VAT legal issues
  • VAT planning to minimise future costs
  • VAT health check reviews
  • Management of VAT inspections and investigations
  • Appeals against assessments and demands
  • VAT training for your key staff

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