Tax Determination for the Intelligent Enterprise

Complete tax determination from S/4 HANA on-premise to all Cloud instances

Arco is Meridian's NEW automated tax determination solution designed for instances of SAP S/4 HANA, on-premise and cloud.

The Arco application runs on the SAP BTP platform and enhances functionality of standard SAP for global VAT determination. Arco achieves compliant and automated tax determination on all complex VAT flows for sales and purchases. Arco is an approved SAP Industry Cloud Solution

arco is an sap industry cloud solution

Arco enables all the advantages of the intelligent Enterprise by using SAP BTP as the technology platform.

  • A single Arco application can manage tax determination on all your S/4 HANA instances
  • Includes both Cloud and On-Premise based S/4 HANA installations
  • By using an ABAP Connector Kit​, Arco is accessible by any S/4 Hana system connected to the SAP BTP system​.
  • Tax determination data delivered in the BTP
  • Includes VAT determination on sales and purchase transactions, including OCR Scanning solutions and Idocs
  • Single point of control of VAT rules via the BTP cockpit
  • VIES/BZST VAT ID checking module​
  • Verify determination decisions via API Tracker
  • Fully certified by SAP for S/4 HANA

arco automated tax determination

Arco and the tax determination function sits within the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) . Arco connects via an API to all of the businesses S/4 HANA instances, from on premises to Cloud. 

ARCO tax determination connecting to SAP BTP

Arco is controlled by the customer and  updates can be made by the customer. As Arco is a BTP application, it also has the capacity to integrate with all your other BTP based Intelligent Enterprise applications.

Benefits of Arco Tax Determination

  • Enhances functionality of standard SAP for global VAT determination
  • Achieves compliant and automated tax determination on all complex VAT flows for sales and purchases
  • No need to connect to an external web service
  • No duplication of master data necessary
  • Seamless integration into the SAP BTP platform
  • One application connects to multiple S/4 HANA instances
  • Integrate with other BTP enterprise applications
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Arco automated tax determination for SAP

Arco Tax Determination Features

BTP Integration
100% Determination
S/4 HANA Certified
Vantage Support
Use Internal Data
Complete Control