A new element of the intelligent enterprise, SAP’s industry cloud is based on the architecture of SAP BTP and is designed to extend the best-practice business capabilities in SAP’s business applications with innovative, new, modular solutions built by SAP and SAP’s partners.

Industry cloud solutions extend the end-to-end processes of SAP S/4HANA, and the SAP Business Network to enable  customers to optimize and transform their core business.

SAP industry cloud

Benefits of Industry Cloud

  • Resilience, because customers need to respond fast to the new challenges with new solutions and without upgrading.
  • Extensibility. Adding capabilities to the applications of the intelligent suite and the business network requires an architecture that enables modular extensions by SAP and by partners that support the core business of organizations.
  • The design of SAP’s industry cloud reflects the needs of enterprises to continuously evolve or even disrupt their core business in their industries. Business leaders can find a compelling selection of industry cloud solutions to extend the processes of the intelligent suite and the business network with innovative capabilities to respond to new opportunities and transform the business.

Meridian is an approved Industry Cloud Partner

Meridian Arco  was developed for SAP’s industry cloud and is fully certified by SAP for Business Technology Platform (BTP. 

The Arco application runs on the SAP BTP platform and enhances functionality of standard SAP for global VAT determination. Arco achieves compliant and automated tax determination on all complex VAT flows for sales and purchases. 

Arco is controlled by the customer and  updates can be made by the customer. As Arco is a BTP application, it also has the capacity to integrate with all your other BTP based Intelligent Enterprise applications.

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Meridian approved industry cloud partner

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Business leaders can find a compelling selection of industry cloud solutions to extend support for end to end processes with the intelligent suite and business networks. These innovative solutions give leaders the ability to:

  • Rapidly respond to new business requirements
  • Optimize and transform their business
  • Extend end to end best practice processes
  • Adopt best practices from adjacent industries
Industry cloud solutions are easy to discover, subscribe to, and use, offering unified user experiences, familiar design paradigms, and plug and play integration.

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SAP industry cloud