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VAT automation in times of restructuring

 Posted by Tony Bowers

 Friday 11 June 2021

We look at how companies in the process of restructuring should continue to consider VAT automation improvements to their ERP. In most cases risks associated with VAT determination will increase with restructuring, often including headcount losses and change of processes. ...

Using US tax engines in Europe

 Posted by Tony Bowers

 Wednesday 28 April 2021

Some international clients may have a view that their European VAT determination needs can be met by the same tax engine that they use in the US. The US Tax engine’s European capabilities may have been sold strongly by the vendor . However, for many European clients, this may not be the best option . ...

Streams: EU VAT Updates

Navigating the complexities of EU VAT triangulation

 Posted by Tony Bowers

 Monday 12 April 2021

Many multi-national companies operating across the EU make use of the “triangulation simplification”. This removes the burden to VAT register in different Member States into which goods are delivered. EU VAT triangulation rules are not straightforward; yet the legal and practical impact can be significant....

Streams: EU VAT Updates

Meridian VAT Add-on certified for SAP S/4HANA

 Posted by Adam Smith

 Wednesday 10 March 2021

Meridian VAT Add-on 7.55 for SAP S/4HANA has been certified for deployment on SAP S/4HANA 2020 via the SAP integration scenario ABAP Add-On Deployment for SAP S/4HANA. ...

Do you manually change SAP VAT characteristics of sales orders ?

 Posted by Nazar Zaidi

 Wednesday 03 March 2021

Find out how you can run a control report that will show exactly what manual changes were made to tax relevant fields in an SAP sales order. ...

Using Condition Records to manage EU VAT complexity in SAP

 Posted by Nazar Zaidi

 Tuesday 16 February 2021

Standard SAP cannot determine the VAT treatment for many types of complex EU transactions in an automated and compliant way. To mitigate this, businesses often develop bespoke access sequences together with a complex set of condition records in order to try and derive a complex VAT decision. ...

Streams: VAT in SAP/ERP

Webinar - Improving VAT Determination in SAP

 Posted by Derek O'Brien

 Wednesday 24 June 2020

With increasing complexities involved in managing global value added tax (VAT) determination, now is the time to utilise additional technology within SAP to automate processes for enhanced functionality. Join Ryan and Meridian Global Services experts for this webinar to discuss how to create an environment that allows you to manage your digital transformation...

Streams: VAT in SAP/ERP

Webinar - The challenge of changing Tax Codes in SAP - Examining the impact of CV19 for the Tax community

 Posted by Derek O'Brien

 Monday 15 June 2020

Join Chris Downing, Tax Technology Partner KPMG & Eoghan Rogers, SAP/VAT Manager Meridian Global Services : Recorded Webinar As they discuss what you can do now to avoid being caught out by this problem and also future proof your organisation as the impact of CV19 starts to take effect....

Streams: VAT in SAP/ERP

Definitive VAT system scheduled for 2022

 Posted by Nazar Zaidi

 Tuesday 18 September 2018

Many businesses will be aware of the planned reforms to the EU VAT regime scheduled for the start of 2022. The so called Definitive VAT system will necessitate fundamental change to the VAT set-up of businesses involved in cross-border EU supply chains. ...

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Streams: EU VAT Updates

France propose possible VAT fraud software for 2018

 Posted by Jennifer Flanagan

 Tuesday 19 September 2017

France has proposed a possible obligation for French registered companies to use certified VAT software on B2C transactions from 1 January 2018. ...

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