Meridian VAT Add-on for SAP

On-premise tax determination solution and is built directly into native SAP.

Enhance the functionality of your standard SAP system for global VAT determination

The Meridian VAT Add-on for SAP solves all known limitations and shortcomings concerning VAT determination in SAP.

Standard SAP does not contain sufficient logic to automate tax determination for business with complex VAT flows. This exposes a company to a tax compliance risk as a result of systemic weaknesses and manual workaround procedures

Meridian’s VAT Add-on for use within SAP revolutionizes the approach to automated, compliant VAT determination and reporting processes in SAP. The VAT Add-on solution places all the required functionality directly into your SAP system, using standard SAP techniques

Benefits of the Meridian VAT Add-on


Automated "Right First Time" tax determination. Meridian's VAT Add-on teaches SAP all the relevant VAT rules, and as a result is able to achieve a compliant and fully automated tax determination directly in the SAP system.

Blocking functionality for non-compliant flows. In order to safeguard businesses from the exposure to financial risk associated with non-compliance. Meridian's VAT Add-on solution incorporates integrated and flexible transaction control and blocking functionality.


The Meridian VAT Add-on simplifies the VATdetermination logic in SAP bringing transparency to the whole process, providing global tax and finance managers with a clear understanding of how and why the VAT Add-on has arrived at a tax decision.


Reduced IT costs. The solution is built directly into standard SAP using SAP technology whichmeans there is no expensive external software or interfacing systems required. IT is no longerrequired to carry out heavy customising or hardcoding in the system in order to get the correct VAT determination.

Remove complex VAT training for SD/AP staff. As Meridian's VAT Add-on has achieved acompliant and fully automated tax determination directly in the SAP system, there is no longer aneed to turn AP and sales order desk staff into VAT experts, which greatly reduces costs associated with training and staff turnover.

Manual processes no longer necessary. With correct VAT determination in the system, the manual work of fixing incorrect tax codes and reviewing invoices is no longer required.

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Solution imbedded in SAP code Meridian's VAT Add-on is built directly into native SAP using standard SAP technology and is fully compliant with all standard SAP solutions such as reporting and Intrastat tools.

Modular. Meridian's VAT Add-on is a modular solution which is flexible and scalable meaning customers can choose which modules to implement and which companies to activate for each module.

Rapid implementation. Meridian's unique team of international VAT and SAP systems experts facilitate a rapid implementation process which can be tailored to meet client's timeline and targets.

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Meridian VAT Add-on modules

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