Meridian VAT Add-on Global Tax Automation has been implemented by clients worldwide.

We have developed in-depth experience of the sectors in which our clients operate and have been solving all known limitations and shortcomings concerning VAT determination in SAP.

With over 15,000 customers worldwide and growing , Meridian's services are helping a variety of companies to succeed.
At Meridian our services are scalable, so we can address the needs of businesses of all sizes.

United Biscuits

"We are very pleased that we chose Meridian as our partner in this project. Throughout the implementation of the VAT Add-on it has been our view that Meridian is leading the field in this area. In particular we have a high degree of control and visibility over VAT determination in our SAP system. This allows us to meet very high expectations that United Biscuits sets itself in respect of it's VAT accounting and compliance obligations"


"The Meridian VAT Add-on works very well and supports our complex business model"


“One of our key objectives was to eliminate manual intervention in the VAT determination process. We wanted to do this directly in SAP without adding complexity to our new VAT design. We also wanted this to be flexible so that future complexities could be easily added, without further development. The VAT Add-on for SAP was an effective solution for us, as its functionality and design fitted neatly into our objectives."


"The only tax solution on the market built within SAP software. I would recommend it again and given the chance I would implement again."


"We felt comfortable with the Meridian solution as fundamentally it stayed close to standard SAP. Unlike a tax engine, it did not involve the use of an external interface or a big change to our processes. We were happy that going forward the time and cost involved in maintaining the system from a VAT configuration point of view would be dramatically reduced"


"The Meridian VAT Add-on provides sophisticated tax determination compliance in SAP systems with a smooth implementation"


"I've been working with Meridian for the last 3 years and I always appreciated not only their professionalism but their capacity of adapting to the requirements of the clients along with the personal touch and mutual trust". DHL

Dimension Data

“I have enjoyed working with you and the Meridian team. I can’t quite believe what we have jointly achieved with this project in a very short space of time.” Dimension Data


“Meridian is helping us to recover VAT where in the past it was too complex or time-consuming to pursue.” Honeywell

JC Decaux

“Meridian provides us with a professional and efficient service, their expertise takes the hassle out of our EU VAT recovery which allows us to focus on our core activities.” JC Decaux


"...the VAT compliance team at Meridian Global Services to be professional, informed, competent and diligent at all times. Any queries or concerns arising were always dealt with promptly and efficiently. These attributes are essential and invaluable for the successful administration of any company dealing with distance sales and VAT compliance obligations.”


"Meridian provide Seagate with a professional, timely and efficient service to meet the VAT compliance requirements in countries which require local knowledge and language skills."

Sony Mobile

"It has been a pleasure working with Meridian. The expense management solution they provide Sony was tailored to fit our specific needs. They consistently provide us with a great level of service and are always willing to help out with new requests or suggest improvements to make our lives easier. Adding the Benefit in Kind (BIK) compliance analysis has added real value to the service. The real winner for us has been the VAT recovery. This project has been self-financed through the VAT recovery process." Samantha Mile, Financial Controller at Sony Mobile


“The implementation of Expenseflo provided us with a centralised T&E management solution, giving us clear visibility on T&E spend while providing our users with a single transparent process.” Sun Microsystems