Activating Plants Abroad in SAP

Manage cross border movements of your own stock

What is Plants abroad?

Plants Abroad functionality within SAP is a helpful addition in scenarios where a single company code has multiple VAT registrations across the European Union (EU). Plants Abroad functionality enables automated VAT and INTRASTAT postings for ‘cross border movements of own stock’ and also some additional reporting requirements related to cross border VAT registrations.

Although Plants Abroad functionality does not overcome any of the complexities in tax determination (which is acommon misunderstanding) it brings about a number of benefits associated with VAT reporting and exchange rate functionality.

Benefits of implementing Plants Abroad

  • Automated cross border postings of VAT and Intrastat. This involves the use of so-called WIA documents that are triggered in respect of ‘stock transport’ orders.
  • Additional tax reporting field within the tax code properties. This allows the possibility to maintain within each tax code the country in which this tax code will be reported for VAT reporting purposes
  • Additional functionality for VAT specific exchange rates. With Plants Abroad functionality SAP has designed additional currency functionality to capture the amounts correctly in the tax details table (table BSET) using the country specific currencies.

Implementing Plants Abroad in non EU countries

SAP has only enabled Plants Abroad functionality for movements of goods within the EU. If one (or both) of the plants is situated outside the EU, then the Plants Abroad functionality cannot be used within standard SAP.

When you move your own goods across the border to a NON-EU country the system doesn’t create the necessary VAT documents for the reporting of the cross border movement.

However, In order to over-come such issues Meridian has created additional functionality via the VAT Add-on to trigger WIA documents in cases where one (or both) of the plants is situated outside the EU.

Download the Guide: Activating Plants Abroad in SAP

We explain Plants Abroad functionality and how you can activate it in SAP. The benefits are outlined including cross border postings of VAT and Intrastat, the additional tax reporting field, and translation of currencies into reporting country. We also detail the operation of SAP Plants Abroad in non EU countries, and explain how the Meridian VAT Add-on can enhance Plants Abroad functionality.

Download the Guide