The great advantage of a business using Arco tax determination is that you have an application that runs within the SAP Business Technology Platform, but at the same time you are able to use your internal master data and tax tables via an API connector. 

  • Immediate access to internal data via an ABAP API connector
  • All updates to master data immediately reflected in automated tax determination
  • Complete reliability ; if your SAP system is running , tax determination is always running in parallel
  • No need to interface to an external tax engine
  • Access your data directly via BTP cockpit
  • Tax determination application does not need modification if you restructure your internal data
  • Arco Vantage support will ensure any restructuring runs smoothly
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Arco tax determination uses internal data

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You can work directly with your own tax data rules in the BTP

  • One point of tax rules to control all your BTP instances
  • Tax entries will automatically account for any internal changes to Master data
  • Instant updates

Control and efficiency

The benefits of Arco using internal data tables brings great control and efficiency to the tax department.

Often there may be changes to the data and structure beyond the control of the tax manager. Using Arco, these changes are automatically reflected in the BTP cockpit. 

This means these is no longer a need to engage in expensive and long-term IT projects. Also there is no need to map the new data structure to an external tax engine.

The same S/4 HANA data is being shared by other SAP Integlligent Enterprise applications, resulting in greater data consistency and overall reporting.

Arco tax determination control

Arco Tax Determination Features