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Meridian's VAT Training

Meridian has many years experience of providing tailored international VAT training to its multi-national client base.  Through careful design and by effective delivery of our training programmes we help businesses improve processes and ensure compliance to complex VAT legislation.  Our focus on results is central to every action we take.  We have the local knowledge and the worldwide presence to develop and implement a training solution that will address the key aspects of VAT risk management in addition to highlighting potentially unidentified VAT opportunities.

Meridian’s VAT training is:

  • Focused – on achieving your objectives
  • Tailored – to your business and transactions
  • Relevant – to the day-to-day work of your people
  • Practical – based on real examples not just legislation
  • Appropriate – to the audience and their needs
  • Imparts understanding – not merely knowledge and information
  • Ongoing – not merely delivered once or twice a year
  • Measured – not just training for training’s sake

Why Meridian?

As a company entirely devoted to the managing of compliance for others, we dedicate our whole focus to ensuring we can deliver the required output for clients. Reliably, Efficiently and Effectively.

VAT is a major technical area within our overall compliance capability. But how we ensure the delivery of desired output is not only down to our technical knowledge of a given topic but also our capacity to make it happen.

To that end we invest heavily in continuous improvement and the development of technology, tools and processes that support the achievement of full VAT compliance for any given client.

  • We operate the largest International VAT shared services centre in the world and therefore understand (and are comfortable in) this type of environment. Our approach to VAT is more practical than many other service providers, and we have a strong understanding of systems and processes as a result.
  • We tailor and customise the training to suit our clients
  • We offer the widest range of VAT compliance, consulting and training programmes available in Europe today.  We specialise in the provision of international VAT services and this is therefore our core area of expertise.
  • Our many years of practical experience providing VAT reclaim services means that our consultants are very familiar with the concept of invoice processing service levels and therefore with the need to be able to analyse invoices quickly and efficiently in order to determine if the VAT treatment is correct.  As such, we approach AP VAT issues with an excellent understanding of the issues and with a good appreciation of the challenges that your people face on a day-to-day basis.
  • Meridian’s team of international VAT consultants is centralised, thus ensuring that a standardised approach is taken across all countries to the greatest extent possible.
  • Our consultants are supported by a skilled operations team of over 250 AP processing experts.  The vast majority of our staff have been with us for over 10 years and this experience and commitment underpins everything we do.
  • We offer full training support with the provision of :
    • Self learning modules that can be accessed at any time
    • Video content on key topics
    • Online training repository
    • A tailored Meridian Desktop VAT Application, providing latest VAT news and developments, and a country specific profile section

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