All of Meridian’s personnel are committed to exemplary client service excellence, integrity and value. We strive to understand our clients’ businesses in depth so that we can advise and help them implement solutions which optimise their compliance and savings. At Meridian, we know that our people are fundamental to our success. We are committed to the belief that we can only create value and confidence for our clients by investing significant time and effort in our people's training, growth and satisfaction.

From the initial service specification by experienced, trained personnel through implementation and delivery of our service, the people behind the Meridian name are full-time professionals, whose expertise spans multiple disciplines. We are adapt at operating in multi-legislative, multi-cultural and multi-currency environments. We bring this experience and the experience of all our other clients to all that we do.

Meridian employs over 500 people worldwide. Approximately 300 people are employed in the Global Service Center (GSC) in Dublin, with the remainder spanning the globe in the capacity of International VAT Consulting, Sales, Marketing and Client Support personnel.

Our Senior Management

For further information about Meridian Global Services senior management please follow this link.

Our Senior Consultants

Meridians' international VAT consultants can provide the expertise your business needs to identify international VAT issues and manage these in a successful and practical manner.