Using US tax engines in Europe

 Posted by Tony Bowers

 Wednesday 28 April 2021

"We don't need the VAT Add-on, we're going to use the same Tax Engine as we do in the US.."

Some international clients may have  a view that their European VAT determination needs can be met by the same tax engine that they use in the US. The US Tax engine’s European capabilities may have been sold strongly by the vendor . However, for many European clients, this may not be the best option . 

We advise clients that US Tax engines do have some European capabilities.   However, the tax engines have been built in the US and they are primarily built for US sales taxes. European Tax Determination is not their speciailty and it is only very recently that they have started to look at the European landscape. The tax engines don't cover all complexities, and the way they manage some processes does not cater for all European scenarios.

An example of this is that  US Tax Engines manage the VAT determination on the AP side by purely using the PO details. We know that this is not the best way to do this and have we taken further steps to ensure accuracy ( PO details and VAT numbers from the invoice are used). 

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