VAT Determination and Legislative Updates

Automate VAT determination and keep up with business and legislation changes

Keeping up to date on VAT legislative changes can be a challenge for international operations. Each new legislative change in the indirect tax system in every country where the company does business brings new risk that the company’s VAT determination has become outdated.

Examples of recent legislative changes in Europe

  • Brexit – the agreement between the EU and UK  gave very little time for business to react to tax changes
  • Distance Selling OSS - important change to the way businesses treat sales to online customers and calculate VAT.
  • Fundamental change to VAT treatment of B2B transactions with the move to the ‘destination principle’ – this is likely to be very complex particularly for businesses with cross-border EU supply chains.

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We discuss in detail the seven key reasons why you should automate your SAP VAT determination, including importantly legislative changes The case for automating international VAT determination in SAP is evident. The legislative environment is becoming increasingly complex and ongoing manual updates to SAP systems are becoming unmanageable.

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