Visibility & Control

VAT Compliance Platform

Meridian Global Services’ web-based reporting portal

  • Provides you with full visibility and control over VAT compliance activities, across your whole organisation
  • Acts as your gateway to a whole range of real-time information
  • Allows you to manage your VAT compliance in a way that no other system will allow
  • Facilitates the management of reporting deadlines and information workflows
  • Provides full visibility of all historical VAT returns, forms and correspondence.

The portal features include

  • Executive dashboard view of overall VAT compliance
  • Live calendar to monitor workflow and manage deadlines
  • Access to historic VAT return workings, forms and correspondence
  • Statement of account tracking reflecting amounts owing to/due from VAT authorities
  • Analytics engine providing sophisticated trend analysis
  • Available in 7 languages - English, French, German, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch & Italian



The opening Dashboard view presents an

  • Instant snapshot of what VAT declarations are due for submission
  • Status updates of each declaration
  • Status alerts directing your attention to returns that are due within five days, or perhaps overdue
  • Range of dynamic parameters that instantly filters the results of important information

Live Calendar

  • Displays the submission dates for all VAT declarations
  • Allows you to track the progress of each VAT declaration from start to completion
  • Enables you to manage workflow priorities, ensuring that every return is filed on time, every time

live calendar

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Returns History

  • Instant access to all historic VAT declarations, at a click of a button
  • Quick snapshot of inputs & outputs
  • Ability to view detailed workings behind an individual return
  • Standardised template to view VAT return calculations, irrespective of the jurisdiction concerned
  • Clear and simple explanation of your VAT return

Statement of Account

  • Track the amount owing to, or due from, each tax administration
  • Visibility to your treasury or finance teams on payments and receivables due
  • Compare balances across entities and jurisdictions to assist with both VAT and cash-flow planning activity


  • Generate visual trend analysis reports
  • Select from a wide range of pre-defined reports
  • Plot VAT return trends across different sales and purchase activities, jurisdictions and entities
  • Identify potential errors before they are reported
  • Demonstrate to your local tax administration that you are actively managing VAT compliance risk