Accurate determination within the SAP system

  • Arco has a standard SAP look and feel. The screens use the standard Fiori interface and will be familiar to most SAP users. 
  • All tables are housed in central location within your SAP system. There is no need to interface with external tax engines.
  • Also, all VAT rules and complexities handled in one location. These rules are updated centrally by Meridian, so you can be sure of correct determination in response to business and legislative changes. 
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Track automated VAT decisions

  • Arco provides a full audit trail for all VAT code determination decisions. Hence users can also see why the system arrived at a vAT decision.
  • Reports can be viewed on individual transaction basis. Complex determination can be easily investigated in detail.
  • All decision tables used are highlighted. This facilitates an understanding behind the logic of complex decisions.
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Ongoing staff tax training

Arco tracking features are also useful for continuous training of end users in tax determination. Tax determination decisions can be recorded, and based on the decision parameters, can be used to build up an ongoing understanding of comples tax legislation.

Arco client training

Arco Tax Determination Features